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LED Light Treatments

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Your skin goes through so much each and every day, from harmful UV rays, drying winds, and a slew of toxins and pollutants. Over time your complexion begins to show signs of all this damage. Your body’s natural defenses begin to break down and your skin can appear dry, rough, and dull.

  • Duration: 20-30 minutes

  • Cost: 

    • Single Session: $65.00

    • Package of 3 Sessions: $150.00

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LED Light Treatments help your skin by:

  1. Boosting Cellular Activity: LED lights, especially red and near-infrared, stimulate cellular activity, including the fibroblasts that produce collagen. This can enhance the anti-aging effects of treatments like facials and chemical peels, leading to firmer, smoother skin.

  2. Speeding Up Healing: LED therapy promotes faster healing and reduces inflammation. This is particularly beneficial after more invasive procedures like microdermabrasion, micro-needling, or peels, as it helps minimize downtime and reduces the risk of side effects like redness and swelling.

  3. Enhancing Absorption: Certain LED lights can help increase skin permeability, making it more receptive to the active ingredients in serums and creams applied during other treatments. This can improve the overall efficacy of topical treatments.

  4. Acne and Oil Control: Blue LED light specifically targets and destroys acne-causing bacteria and regulates oil production, making it a great add-on treatment to acne facials or chemical peels aimed at controlling breakouts.

  5. Evening Skin Tone: LED treatments can help in reducing pigmentation and evening out skin tone, complementing the effects of treatments targeting hyperpigmentation, such as certain peels or facials.

  6. Soothing and Calming Effect: LED light therapy can have a calming effect on the skin, which is especially useful following treatments that may cause irritation or sensitivity.


Benefits by Color

  • RED/PURPLE: These frequencies improve elasticity, rejuvenation, and reduces appearance of fine lines. Both frequencies boost cell regeneration and causes the skin and tissue just under the surface to grow more quickly, replacing dead skin cells and filling in gaps that cause wrinkles. 


  • ORANGE/GREEN: These frequencies brighten skin tone, balance skin tone, and balance complexion. Prevents moisture loss keeping the skin well-hydrated and firm. Reduces age spots and pigmentation.


  • BLUE/CYAN: These frequencies shrink pores, soothes irritation, provides a calming effect. Targets bacteria and treats/prevents acne. Calms skin inflammation. 

By integrating LED light therapy into a skincare regimen, clients can often see improved results, as it supports and amplifies the benefits of other skincare treatments.

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