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LED Light Facials

  • Time: 75 minutes

  • Cost: 

    • Single Session: $175

  • Best For: 

    • Multiple Skin Types

Rejuvenizing facial combined with an LED see-through HydroJelly mask formulated for use with LED light devices. This thin clear mask protects the skin from dryness and irritation while allowing light waves to pass to the skin during LED light treatment. 


  • RED/PURPLE: These frequencies improve elasticity, rejuvenation, and reduces appearance of fine lines. Both frequencies boost cell regeneration and causes the skin and tissue just under the surface to grow more quickly, replacing dead skin cells and filling in gaps that cause wrinkles. 


  • ORANGE/GREEN: These frequencies brighten skin tone, balance skin tone, and balance complexion. Prevents moisture loss keeping the skin well-hydrated and firm. Reduces age spots and pigmentation.


  • BLUE/CYAN:  These frequencies shrink pores, soothes irritation, provides a calming effect. Targets bacteria and treats/prevents acne. Calms skin inflammation. 

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